European Law Firm of the Year – Highly Commended

Source: The Lawyer European Awards 2018

"I had made the same request from over 20 law firms in the past 15 years and your law firm made the most comprehensive and best analysis, in a timely fashion and very well written."

Source: Equity Partner with leading U.S. law firm

“Cooperation with you and MPR team is a true blessing because you are the best!”

Source: Regional legal counsel with global technology company

"I was very impressed with you and your team. My thanks to everyone for a job most excellently done."

Source: Partner with London office of large international law firm

"This is a go-to firm for M&A deals."

Source: IFLR 1000

“Impressive use of technology, and a solid international client base”

Source: Judges of The Lawyer European Awards 2018

"You did really a great job. The organization, the structure and the speed was perfect."

Source: Director with German transport & logistics group

"They are all excellent lawyers"

Source: IFLR 1000 (2018)

"They provide quality and business friendly input"

Source: IFLR 1000 (2018)

"Their knowledge and services are excellent"

Source: IFLR 1000 (2018)

"They have an excellent reputation in the healthcare field"

Source: IFLR 1000 (2018)

"They are cost efficient and very professional"

Source: IFLR 1000 (2018)

"A trustful, reliable and very competent law firm"

Source: GC of a global automotive supplier

"Recognised internationally for the great quality of its services"

Source: Judges of The Lawyer European Awards 2017

"They are quick, thorough and pro-business, very determined, innovative and friendly."

Source: IFLR 1000

The Lawyer European Awards 2018

Source: Law Firm of the Year: Eastern Europe and the Balkans

Join MPR Partners in celebrating Hospices of Hope’s 30th anniversary on an adventure aboard the Belmond British Pullman

Hospices of Hope, the only UK charity dedicated to the development of hospice care in South East Europe, has been a British success story abroad.

Thirty years ago, the Romanian Appeal was launched to raise funds for a hospice home care team in Romania, and since 1992 the charity has extended its work in Romania to include the building of three hospice units and then into Serbia (2006), the Republic of Moldova (2008) and Albania (2018). Over the years, Hospices of Hope has successfully lobbied for the introduction of morphine-based medicine and has dramatically improved the quality of life for more than 50,000 patients with terminal diseases in South East Europe.

CEO of Hospices of Hope, Anna Perolls, comments: “Due to the pandemic, these past two years have proven to be a difficult and uncertain time for people who have been affected by terminal and life-limiting illnesses, such as cancer. Since our inception, we have helped more than 50,000 patients and their families through our country partners. Donations and fundraising events have helped us achieve reforms in national health legislation and life-changing care, spreading hope for the future.”

The charity has also been recognised as a Centre of Excellence by several international bodies. Additionally, the charity has opened teaching establishments across Romania and Serbia, providing recognised courses for medical professionals and introducing new technologies.

For the past seven years, MPR partners, a leading European law firm based in Bucharest and London, has offered pro bono legal work and has been patrons in specific projects with Hospices of Hope, currently being a sponsor of Hospices of Hope’s landmark 30th anniversary.

Alina Popescu, Founding Partner of MPR Partners, adds: “We are delighted and proud to be part of Hospices of Hope’s 30-year ‘journey of hope’, and providing legal and financial help when needed. At MPR Partners, we also share the belief that everyone has the right to be helped, promoting mutual respect and exercising fairness and equal opportunities.”

Hospices of Hope’s goal is to help all patients suffering from terminal or life-limiting illness to receive specialist hospice care, as we believe that everyone deserves to live and die with dignity and without pain.

Join MPR Partners in celebrating Hospices of Hope’s landmark 30th anniversary on a 170-mile round-trip aboard the Belmond British Pullman, stepping back in time for a journey on the “Transylvanian Express”, on Thursday, 25 November 2021.

The adventure begins from the moment you step aboard at London Victoria station, savouring the magic of Christmas and admiring the surroundings through an unforgettable trip across the British countryside.

The train will be reserved exclusively for Hospices of Hope. Read more regarding the charity’s 30th anniversary event and book your seat here.